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HP People talk about: Connections at work

HP People talk about: Connections at work

At HP, we are reinventing the way we work together. The HP Way keeps us true to our values and guides us to bring out the best in each other. Our culture empowers us to create lasting and meaningful connections.

Read stories from around the world about teams that have embraced the HP Way to grow together and thrive.

What’s it like to work with your siblings? We’re a bit competitive, but that keeps us motivated.

“When I joined HP, many people already knew who I was because my sisters Deyanira and Abigail work here. I had a built-in network,” said Abdiel, who is a global account manager.

“For us, working together means we see the people we love more often,” Abigail said. “We can encourage each other, build confidence, and provide support when there are tough challenges. This helps us make deeper connections with our colleagues and teams.”

“We work in different organizations,” Deyanira added. “This provides the opportunity to learn more about HP’s business and innovations. By sharing our experiences, challenges, and successes, we can leverage our collective knowledge for the benefit of our teams. Like all families, we’re a bit competitive, but that keeps us motivated and helps us grow personally and professionally.”

“All of us have been given the opportunity to complete our degrees through the internship program, and our mentors have helped us with our career paths after graduation,” said Deya, “We are all so thankful to be part of this amazing journey together.”

From left to right: Abigail Deya and Abdiel, US

How do we drive the best business results? By connecting through shared values and bringing our whole selves to work.

At HP, we learn, grow, and bond with each other—in fact, it is encouraged. After spending two years as a team, we know the best results come when we make a connection through our shared values of respect and fellowship. We contribute to a company where everyone feels comfortable bringing their whole selves to work, where business goals lead our vision, and we make it happen by caring for each other.

From left to right: Jaume, Javi, Mónica, Bruno, and Miquel; Spain


Why do I take such bold risks in my career? Because I have HP behind me.

Having your first baby, moving halfway around the world, and taking on a new role at work are all life-changing events on their own. Think you could handle all three at the same time? HP knew I could. My managers recognized my drive and saw my potential. They offered support and training and knew I could handle anything. So, I went for it, and it changed everything.

Regina, US

How did we become a great team? We connected to understand how our combined skills and personalities can be a game-changer.

Let’s face it, we spend most of our time at work. Understanding how we approach challenges and each other helps us find the best solutions. We are comfortable with our ideas and perspectives. Giving everyone an opportunity to have candid conversations has helped us develop trusted relationships—and lasting friendships. When we’re not trying to push each other to improve professionally, you might catch us on a shopping spree or restaurant hopping, discovering new dishes after work.

From left to right: Fransiska, Yute, Rifky, Narida, Miguel, Adrio, Dian, Dimas, Dyah, and Jesseline; Indonesia

How do we develop technology that will disrupt how industries conduct business? By supporting each other’s unique career choices.

Our paths intersected three years ago when we met as part of HP’s 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing Research and Development team. There was so much to learn—networking was crucial for our success. Together, we have developed new technologies that will change the way industries do business. It’s not always easy, but we persist and support our unique career choices. We also know it’s important to be an example to our community, so we represent HP at women’s engineering conferences and mentor underrepresented groups through high school science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs.

From left to right: Samantha, Liz, and Erin, US


That’s what it’s like to be part of HP.

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