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HP People talk about: Transformation

HP People talk about: Transformation

Reinvention has always been central to HP. It propels our business forward and keeps us focused on how we can better serve our customers. We continue to define the future by embracing the courage and determination to continually reinvent ourselves. For us, standing still is moving backward.

Read the stories of HP employees who have embraced change and transformed their careers.

 How do I create a new vision for the future? By transforming my career first.

I have always been curious about how technology could benefit all people. But I never expected that pursuing my personal interests would transform my career from an inside sales representative in Barcelona, Spain, to a futurist and research analyst for the chief technology officer at HP’s headquarters in Palo Alto, US. My commitment to understanding the world motivates me to continue exploring and creating new ways for technology to make life better for everyone, everywhere.

Otilia, US

How do I grow in times of change? I embrace the ride.

Whether I’m taking on a new career path or simply learning a new skill, HP has always encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and expand my horizons. My 16-year journey with the company has been an interesting experience—I’ve transformed my career from a country-based to a wider role and switched paths from a technical support engineer to become a product marketer in Print. Along the way, I have developed a personal motto: We may not always know where the road leads, but we must stay fueled to learn and embrace the ride.

Rathish, Singapore

What have I learned by pursuing my dream to live abroad? My career journey is courageous.

I have always liked being part of something bigger than myself and letting my ideas fly. Having the opportunity to pursue my dream to live abroad with my husband and three children allows me to guide my own career path. It also teaches my children that change and transformation are courageous actions and shows them how to aim for something better. HP and my colleagues have been supportive of my goals—especially now that I am just two months away from moving to another country.

Jackie, Argentina

How do I help my team transform personally and professionally? I foster an inclusive culture.

I have always used a disciplined strategy when approaching my work. Over the past 20 years, I have been open to new opportunities—I started as a Consumer Category Manager and then became the managing director of Indonesia. In every new role, I worked hard to build a culture of inclusion with my teams. It really is the key to innovation and reinvention. Now, as head of Channels and Supplies sales, I am once again challenged to think creatively. So, I rely on the fresh perspectives and experiences my new team brings to solving issues for our customers. I also like to remind them that the only constant is change. It’s how we transform ourselves personally and professionally.

David, Singapore

What have I learned by taking risks and making changes? My journey wouldn’t be possible if my coworkers didn’t empower me to both succeed and fail.

My career at HP has been an incredible journey of transformation. I started as a technical support agent and am now the first woman to serve as managing director of our Costa Rica site. Along the way, I have been empowered to take risks and make changes—knowing that sometimes I might fail but will learn from my mistakes. As a woman in technology, HP’s promise to “keep reinventing” feels like more than just a statement. It is an attitude that allows me to continually look for ways to grow and have a positive impact on myself and my company.

Marianella, Costa Rica

That’s what it’s like to be part of HP.

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