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5 engineers who are inventing what’s next at HP!

5 engineers who are inventing what’s next at HP!

Technology and innovation take a huge part in how I experience my work on a daily basis.

Working in a global team at HP I get to connect every day with people that are miles away from me, thanks to the tools that engineers built in the past and continue to improve every day.

For the past few months, I’ve been lucky enough to connect with Engineers at HP who are building the newest, most amazing pieces of technology and applying it to make the most out of our human experiences and needs.

And the most exciting part of my job is being able to tell their stories, while learning how they create products that improve life for everyone, everywhere.

We’ve told you before some of these stories, like Ann’s journey of becoming the rock star behind our Careers Vlog, but I bet the following testimonials will leave you even more excited about HP’s future. And if you think you’ll just be reading about printers and laps, get ready to be wowed:


Jiwon Jun, Research Engineer, Immersive Experiences Lab.

  • What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

Project Jetty is the most memorable project for me so far because it was the very first project that I’ve worked on after joining HP. The project explores how to help dispersed family members feel connected without being connected.

I, as a person living away from my family in South Korea, felt related to the topic, and it brought more passion for the project.

We built prototypes looking like a snow globe where people can see their family member’s miniature house and weather around it. The house also lights up when the person is at home. In a user study, people responded to the idea very positively, so the project is remembered as a successful and joyful experience.


Eleanor Wright, Printhead Design Engineer.

  • How are you contributing to HP’s mission of creating technology that amazes?

Growing up, I loved printing out pictures and posters for plastering all over the walls in my room. Print lets you take what you love and create an image you can hold in your hands, decorate with a frame, and enjoy every day.

I’m proud of the engineering work I do at HP because it allows these experiences to continue and improve for everyone.




Erica Fung, 3D Printing Material Scientist Engineer.

  • How would you describe the diversity and inclusion environment at HP?

When I first joined HP, I could count the number of women in the 3D program on my hands. Now, almost half of the employees in this division are women.

Most importantly, we have women leaders in the middle and upper management who not only leveraged their experiences to improve the work environment and business direction but also became role models for younger women who aspire to be in their positions one day.

Although there are still improvements to be made for the inclusion of other minority groups, HP has made considerable strides. HP did not just talk about change, they turned change into reality.



Aja Hartman, Research Engineer.

  •  What’s your favorite application of the HP technology?

I enjoy working on technology that impacts the future of our Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing solution.

Currently, I am working with chemists on enabling new agents for voxel control applications like the earrings I am wearing and the covert quick response codes that can only be seen when exposed to an ultraviolet light source.




Yang Lei, Senior Research Scientist.

  • How is working for HP contributing to your career path?

Started as an intern in HP’s LaserJet business at Boise, I worked on an innovation project to bring new imaging capabilities to HP’s multi-functional printers.

This experience inspired my interest in 3D imaging and ended up as a chapter of my Ph.D. Dissertation.

After graduation, my career continued at HP Labs and evolved by working with world-class researchers, going deep in my research with computer vision, and, in the meantime, expanding my knowledge breadth through multi-disciplinary team collaboration.

One thing I enjoy the most working at HP Labs is the space to explore the latest research and industry trends and come back to tackle real challenges. Read more about Yang’s work at The Garage


As you read, at HP the future is being reinvented by the most amazing team of visionaries and problem-solvers who aren’t afraid to tackle technology’s biggest questions and collaborate to seek out the most innovative answers.

If this resonates with you and what you want to achieve in your career, join the team and #InventWhatsNext! Check out career opportunities at HP Labs here.

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Contributed by Tania Rodríguez, Brand and Social Media Coordinator for HP Careers. She’s a Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, absolute crazy cat lady and storytelling enthusiast. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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