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Women In Tech Talk About Life At HP

Women In Tech Talk About Life At HP

Earlier this month, 25,000 participants attended the Grace Hopper Celebration—the world’s largest gathering of women technologists—in Orlando, US. It’s one of our favorite events because it gives us an opportunity to connect with women doing amazing work around the globe. We were inspired by the incredible speakers, who reinforced HP’s commitment to support and advance women in technical roles by providing sponsorship, mentorship, training, and opportunities for development throughout their careers.

Read some of the stories about the extraordinary women at HP who are reinventing their careers and making an impact in our industry.

How do I influence the newest generation of gamers? I made my hobby my job.

Video games have always been a part of my life—it’s when I become a warrior. Thinking quickly and developing a strategy in the moment to get to the next level of the challenge drives my competitive nature. I use the same tactics when creating and improving HP’s OMEN products. As a team, we have fun developing systems and components that we are excited to buy, use, and share. It’s how our technology stands out from the competition.

Tiffany, US

How do I get inspiration to innovate? By watching my four children use technology to explore and connect.

Every time I watch my four teenagers interact with technology, it gives a deeper meaning to the work I do at HP. I want to keep reinventing future technology for future generations. And as the global head of our Displays and Accessories business, I have the opportunity to do so. I’ve made it my mission to improve lives and engineer experiences that amaze through our extraordinary, end-to-end Personal Systems product ecosystem. Making life better—that’s what truly motivates me.

 Joanne, US. 

How do I grow HP’s share in the digital marketplace? I find balance and rhythm with my team.

I have balance when I dance because I’ve worked hard to develop a strong core—it’s at the center of my technique. But, I must also have rhythm to keep in time with the music. These basic tactics help me deliver a fully integrated digital experience for our customers. Timing is everything when you’re dealing with a competitive marketplace, and my team has built a strong foundation to grow HP’s market share and push new boundaries.

Shruti, India

How would I describe my career? “Outside the box” doesn’t even cover it.

My career has changed in ways I never expected. If you had told me five years ago that I would become a robotics developer, I wouldn’t have believed you. But that’s what happens at HP—your career can take an entirely new path as technology evolves. Thanks to that dedication to innovation, I’m breaking new barriers every day.

Monika, Poland

That’s what it’s like to be part of HP.

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