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HP women talk about challenges

HP women talk about challenges

At HP, we believe that it is critical to lead with empathy and compassion in our pursuit of intersectionality and equity. As gender inequality rose in the face of last year’s challenges, we recognize the need to provide more resources and support for women and all employees struggling with the impacts of the pandemic.  

Announcing our Goals to drive a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive tech industry

Last month, we announced a series of ambitious human rights goals to drive a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive tech industry as part of our vision to become the world’s most sustainable and just technology company.

As a result, we have proudly become the first Fortune 100 tech company to commit to gender parity in leadership by 2030 among other goals to create a culture that fosters a strong sense of inclusion and belonging and empowers workers globally.

Moving forward, we are sparking bold conversations with our employees to engage them actively in the fight towards gender equality and provide all employees with a safe space to voice biases and inequality.

Read the stories of women who have chosen to challenge themselves, their peers, the industry status quo, and stereotypes to build a successful career at HP.

Flor Lopez, Site Director at HP Guadalajara, stares at the camera with a bright-orange blouse.

How am I reinventing what matters for women everywhere? Creating empowering programs and platforms within and outside of HP.

Fighting inequality requires a continuous commitment from everyone to drive efforts that lead to change at all levels of the company and within the communities we serve.

One of the external efforts I’m most proud of as HP Guadalajara’s Site Director has been opening two HP LIFE Centers in the region. These Centers are part of a free global program from the HP Foundation and are dedicated to providing constant training and resources for women with lower income to develop and hone new skills.

As a result, these women became business owners allowing them not only to support their families but also contribute to the economic growth of the region, employing community members, and creating a more inclusive work environment within their communities.  

The creation of this kind of programs has empowered women within and outside HP to continue pursuing their professional goals while helping them balance their personal lives, and without a doubt, has helped women, including myself, reinventing ourselves to stay relevant in an extraordinarily dynamic and changing world, taking solid steps with a clear future in mind.

Flor, IT Director of Governance, Compliance, and Supplier Performance, and HP Guadalajara Site Director, Mexico

Ke'Oisha ,Business Planning Manager at HP, smiles to the camera with a power pose.

Why are Business Impact Networks (BINS) so important? Because they help create a sense of belonging. 

Joining the Houston Black Employee Impact Network (BEIN) was one of the best decisions I have made since joining HP. This network provides me the opportunity to embrace my authentic self at work, network with other similar individuals, and choosing to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone.

Moreover, it provides the support I need to continue to show up being the best version of me for HP, and it has truly become an extension of my family.

I am reinventing what matter’s the most by learning to embrace my authentic self by sharing my story, and I’m choosing to challenge by breaking generational curses and being a leader for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion both within my career and outside of my career.

Ke’Oisha, Business Planning Manager, US

Soohee, Director for HP Print Harware Systems, smiles to the camera.

How am I actively advancing female talent at HP? By leading mentoring programs for women in STEM.

I strongly believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion lead to innovation and innovation leads to success. As the chairwoman of HP Korea’s Women Impact Network (WIN), I’ve gotten a better understanding of how important it is to create an inclusive environment to advance female talent.

For instance, when women feel safe and supported, we feel empowered to take ownership, allowing us to thrive and make progress in our careers.

Along with the work we do through the WIN, I am leading a global mentoring program for female students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to build a more diverse and inclusive community in Korea, an experience that has allowed me to be open to new experiences that challenge me to bring fresh perspectives.

Above all, it is exciting to see how HP culture makes a positive impact on the next generation of women in technology. Embracing new opportunities to foster diversity and inclusion has enabled me to continue reinventing my career and encourage girls and young women to pursue an education and career in technology.

Soohee, Director of Product Integration for Print Hardware Systems, Korea

What is the importance of partnerships to advance female talent? They provide the resources for women to reach their full potential.

As the HP Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Global Ambassador, I work with the leadership team to develop programs and opportunities to increase attraction, retention, and promotion of HP’s technical female talent.

While we have not reached gender parity in HP yet, partnering with organizations like SWE, HP’s Business Impact Networks, and Affinity Groups/Virtual Communities are critical to supporting and growing HP’s female technical talent.

They provide opportunities to gain leadership and exposure beyond their organization, helping them grow and advancing their career. As a result, they also enable women ​to connect and gain exposure to women that have reached the highest levels on the technical and management tracks.

Just seeing other women has already blazed a similar trail and hearing her story, can be the spark to drive women to advance or stick it out through a rough patch. 

Finally, and maybe most importantly they help our female talent find a community of support; mentors, peers, sponsors, and resources to draw on as they move through their career and phases of life. 

Having a squad that you can lean on when deciding which role to take, navigating being a new parent, managing health challenges, or caring for aging parents can be the difference between staying in a company and exploring other options.

Beyond HP SWE I mentor several women and men throughout the organization; encouraging and supporting each to reach their full career potential, on their terms.

Pamela, Reliability Master for Personal Systems, US

That’s what it’s like to be part of HP.

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