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Business Impact Networks: employees reinventing the standard for diversity!

February 6, 2019 2 mins read

Business Impact Networks: employees reinventing the standard for diversity!

Reinventing the standard for diversity and inclusion requires an effort from everyone at HP. This can only occur when every employee at every level embeds diversity into their daily work life.

One way employees can do that is through Business Impact Networks. They serve as a platform for those interested in taking an active role and transforming HP into a place where everyone can belong, innovate, and grow.

What are Business Impact Networks?

Impact Networks are volunteer communities of HP employees that come together to leverage diverse perspectives and build a more inclusive culture.

In Beth Miller’s words, Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager, “BINs are critical to the success of our diversity and inclusion efforts.”

Why? Well, first of all, because they make a great impact on the business:

“HP BINs are instrumental to the success of our business,” said Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Lesley Slaton Brown. “They bring energy and passion and have helped reinvigorate the HP culture.”

But also they support the career development of their members, they help to attract and retain the very best talent and encourage employee engagement.

“I am constantly amazed at the passion, energy, and commitment from our BIN members. They do this work in addition to their already demanding day jobs because they care—and their work is making a difference!” Beth said.

Celebrating the 100 BINs milestone

Pride Impact Network South Pacific, Women’s Impact Network (WIN) New Zealand, and Hispanic/Latino Impact Network Houston are among the most recently formed Business Impact Networks that helped boost HP’s number of chapters to 102.

The growth of our Business Impact Networks signifies the importance of diversity at HP and a strengthening of our inclusive culture.

We’ve come a long way from the 34 BINs we started with three years ago, and it’s thanks to employee enthusiasm and the success of the existing BINs, that we have been able to grow in chapters and members.

On January 23rd, HP offices around the world hosted educational quizzes, onsite conferences, internal raffles with giveaways, joyful celebrations when new members joined a BIN and all sorts of fun activities to mark this important milestone.

It was a fantastic celebration thanks to all our employees, BIN leaders, and members.

As Beth put it: “This is about you and for you. Thank you for your passion, energy and, most importantly, the impact you are making!”. Congratulations!

That’s What It’s Like To Be Part Of HP.

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