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HP Summer Scholars Talk About Their Experience

July 30, 2020 5 mins read

HP Summer Scholars Talk About Their Experience

Last month, a new cohort of summer interns started at HP as part of our redesigned, virtual internship program. However, many other companies around the globe made the difficult decision to cancel intern and special student programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic—leaving students without access to valuable professional experience. So, in addition to our regular intern agenda, we also launched a new program called Summer Scholars.

This six-week virtual development experience gave nearly 2,000 college and university students or recent graduates an opportunity to develop their technical skills and business acumen.

An unprecedented program in unprecedented times

HP Summer Scholars spent four days each week participating in an accelerated overview of the many parts of HP’s business including gaming, software and data analytics, print, supply chain, and sales. With access to industry experts, HP leaders, and employee mentors, the Summer Scholars were able to develop professional skills and explore exciting career paths that they might have not considered.

The 2020 HP Insiders competition

We invited Summer Scholars to apply for the HP Insiders competition. It required interested participants to submit a 30-second video describing why they wanted to represent HP through social media channels.

Through creative submissions featuring dancing, illustrations, animations, and more, Angelica, Idahosa, Alec, Maggie, Favour, and Carol were selected. Christoph Schell, HP’s Chief Commercial Officer and executive sponsor of the contest, challenged them to showcase what it was like to be part of the program.

Read the stories of our HP Insiders and hear about how the program allowed them to learn, expand their networks, explore new career paths, and get to know HP from the inside.

What did I learn that blew my mind away? No matter what I study, I can always pursue something else.

Over the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to learn about HP’s business directly from employees, thanks to the HP Summer Scholars program.

What really stood out for me was every speaker I heard from had a different career path from what they studied. Some people had a degree in accounting and are now working in gaming as their full-time job.

This helped me discover a misconception that your college major defines your career. I learned that your major is not necessarily what you will end up doing professionally, and your degree doesn’t define your career path—it’s your work ethic and attitude.

I am so grateful that HP created this program for students that had their internships canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I have had an exceptional experience this summer.

Maria, Texas, US

What is my biggest takeaway from the program? Learning never stops.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the HP Summer Scholars program has been the glowing light at the end of the tunnel for me and hundreds of other students around the world.

The multi-disciplined webinars gave me a deeper industry perspective on how business and tech topics are applied to a company and a clearer understanding of HP’s unique way of doing business.

The program also allowed me to expand my professional network, connecting with students from a diverse set of majors all around the world, and collaborating to develop solutions for different business team challenges.

HP fosters the importance of continued learning and education at every level. I am a recent graduate, and I still found these webinars just as informative as if I had been an incoming freshman in college.

Through constructive development opportunities like the HP Summer Scholars program, the world can continue to impact and educate leaders of the future.

Alec, California, US

How would I describe my experience in one phrase? Game-changer.

Learning about real business challenges from HP experts gave me great insight into the behaviors and mindset required to take risks and innovate for the future. Although I have only been able to experience this from a distance, I’ve learned so much about developing as a person, and about the company.

HP’s success is tied to its people’s ability to evolve. It was fascinating hearing speakers talk about moving to different positions to gain experience and dive deeper into other branches of the industry. They never feel stagnant in their roles and are continuously growing.

As a rising sophomore, the realization that you can always learn and experience more is game-changing. Thank you, HP, for finding a way to communicate with students around the world and create a thriving environment for everyone.

Maggie, Texas, US

What did I learn as a Summer Scholar? To always look for bigger challenges.

As a 10-year-old Nigerian girl, my dad gave me an HP laptop for my birthday so I could learn how to type and perform basic computer functions. Ten years later, I got to learn from the company that gave me my very first glimpse into the tech industry.

The HP Summer Scholars was such a rewarding experience. Getting the opportunity to hear from senior leaders as a young female in tech gave me a different outlook on the company and inspired my passion for the industry even more.

I feel encouraged to always look for greater challenges in order to find greater opportunities. I am motivated to pursue my passions and love what I do to create an impact in the world.

I am grateful to HP for this opportunity, and I look forward to the future and potentially working for the company.

Favour, Washington, DC, US

How did the HP Summer Scholars program align with my personal goals? By giving me the opportunity to create life-lasting learning.

Being locked down with the uncertainty that came with the pandemic, I chose to be resilient and embark on a self-coined “summer of learning.” Like butter on bread, the HP Summer Scholars program came to my rescue.

In this unprecedented, brilliantly packaged course, I had the opportunity to learn holistically about HP’s businesses, technology, and their unique way of working.

Furthermore, this summer experience allowed me to connect and network with students from other schools, which I may have never had the occasion to do otherwise.

Thanks to the program, I’ve gained knowledge and experience that will enable me to be more professional and productive in all my related endeavors, and I’m beyond grateful for this cherished opportunity.

Idahosa, Texas, US.

How would I describe the Summer Scholars program? Extraordinary—and that doesn’t even cover it.

With a network extending across various time zones, people, and professional industries, the HP Summer Scholars program was an experience I never imagined or could have found elsewhere.

Working with HP employees, I felt immersed in the company. Each seminar had expert speakers, and I learned so much about the value HP provides for both customers and employees.

Not only did the program highlight unique products and initiatives from HP, it guided us professionally. With weekly challenges and all-star tips, I was constantly excited to tune in every day to discover what was next.

Although this summer didn’t turn out as I expected, HP’s program has undoubtedly given me one of the most impactful and meaningful summers I have experienced.

Carol, California, US

That’s What It’s Like To Be Part Of HP.

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