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HP People Talk About: Caring for Others During A Pandemic

HP People Talk About: Caring for Others During A Pandemic

Working in ways that are good for us and for the world is part of our culture—it’s the HP Way. And as technology continues to aid those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, our teams have stepped up to respond to urgent conditions close to home and around the world.

Read the inspiring stories about HP employees who embody the spirit of hope and resilience the world needs now more than ever.

Whether they’re using our 3D printing technology to make medical supplies or producing hand sanitizer, learn how our employees have found a common sense of purpose and elevated the meaning of teamwork to serve their colleagues and communities.

Clara has been leading the effort to produce thousands of 3D-printed medical devices and parts for local emergency medical service workers in Spain. She’s learned some important lessons about the power of teamwork with a purpose.

Left: Clara holding a 3D-printed prosthetic part. Right: St. Paul’s hospital staff in Barcelona using 3D-printed face shields.

How are we making the world a better place? By identifying a powerful mission as a team.

My 3D Printing team has always had a goal to change how the world designs and manufactures.

Before the global pandemic, we didn’t know much about face shields, masks, or ventilator components. We didn’t know how important they would be for nurses and doctors.

When a local hospital told us the shortage of protective equipment and respiratory devices meant they would have to decide who lived and who didn’t, we needed to act fast to help save lives and protect front-line healthcare workers.

In a matter of weeks, this mission pushed our team’s limits. We designed, printed, validated, certified, and donated more than 50,000 3D-printed medical applications.

This experience served as an impressive reminder about the power of teams. Working together, we accomplished something purposeful. The journey made us better professionals, and more importantly, better human beings.

Clara, Barcelona, Spain

3D Printing Project Manager and Solutions Architect

As a general manager and director at HP Puerto Rico, Paul reflects on the importance of having a diverse and resourceful team that’s ready to serve the community.  

(From left to right) Saul, Carlos, Gabriel, Marcos, Heriberto, and Eva—part of the hand sanitizer project taskforce—take a moment out of their busy schedule to pose for the camera.

What motivated us to achieve results in less than two weeks that would normally take months? Knowing we had a chance to give back.

After Hurricane Maria in 2017, HP employees around the world worked tirelessly to send much-needed emergency supplies to Puerto Rico. The urgent need for supplies arising from this global pandemic gave us an opportunity to give back to our fellow employees and local communities.

By repurposing our teams’ many talents, capabilities, and resources (and with generous contributions from local distilleries), we manufactured thousands of liters of hand sanitizer to distribute to first responders, local hospitals, police and fire stations, and our HP service engineers working in the field with customers.

Our effort was not about having the right kind of expertise and tools. It was always focused on forging a deeper connection between HP and the local community. As a leader, I am tremendously proud of being part of a selfless and dedicated team that’s true to its values and uses its talent in service of others.

Paul, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

General Manager and Director

Without a 3D Printing team on-site, the Fort Collins Workstations group worked tirelessly to print, assemble, and test face shields for donating to local healthcare professionals.

Left: Brian working in the Fort Collins model shop. Right: The first round of 3D-printed visors created by the team.

How can a team that works on PCs help the community with 3D-printed equipment? By joining forces with our partners both inside and outside HP.  

Our team works in various areas of the Workstations business, but we managed to produce thousands of pieces of 3D-printed personal protection equipment for local hospitals with a couple of HP Multi Jet Fusion printers typically used for prototyping or concept-design work.

We knew we needed to get a bigger team together to get it done, so we reached out to everyone we thought could help: our colleagues, our partners, and contacts within our personal networks.

Sam Boyer-Groff, who is a lieutenant paramedic from UCHealth Northern Colorado and was one of our collaborators during the entire process, appreciated the approach.

He said, “That is so cool! Why did it take a pandemic for us to start working with you?”

Now, our mission continues. We are currently working with Colorado State University and several other partners to produce and distribute masks, visors, and other 3D-printed products to alleviate the shortfall of resources due to the crisis.

As hectic and challenging as it was, we were able to make it happen. And in doing so, we’re making HP’s vision a reality: We’re creating technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere.

Matt, Brian, Cynthia, Juan, and Pam, Fort Collins, US

3D Printing COVID-19 Response Workforce

That’s what it’s like to be part of HP.

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