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HP people talk about: Sustainability

HP people talk about: Sustainability

As a company with a global manufacturing footprint, we place sustainability at the center of our business. We do it first and foremost for the wellbeing of our customers and the planet. And we do it to ensure the longevity of our products.

Across the board, whether it be through challenging our agencies and suppliers to be more diverse, sponsoring refugee education in the Middle East, or creating a circular economy in Haiti, we recognize our influence and seek to use it wisely.

Discover how some HP employees are creating a better world now and for the future.

How do I find the time to help the planet? Easy, I just do it at work.

HP and I have something in common—sustainability is in our DNA. We’ve both been working on improving our carbon footprint. Today, my team is helping reduce emissions and fuel use by partnering with our customers and supply chain to project the right inventory requirements. Our collective focus on the environment drives all of our decisions.

Ines, Spain

How do I help create peace of mind? By supporting our customers and my community.

At HP, my job is to fulfill warranties for our customers, which provides them with freedom from worry about their purchases. After-hours, I am a dedicated teacher, coach, and environmental advocate for my community. Through social programs like Hogares Conectados—which supports education and technology access for families and individuals—we are helping to build a path out of poverty by providing skills development, internet access, and computer equipment to people who wouldn’t have those opportunities otherwise.

Iván, Costa Rica

What do skating and sustainability have in common? Both give me reasons to push boundaries.

As a sponsored freestyle longboarder, I’ve learned you can’t become great unless you’ve had a few falls or tested your limits. At HP, I work to fulfill our commitment to sustainability by managing the business operations of our product return and recycling programs. To make progress in protecting the livelihood of future generations, I need to constantly push the boundaries in order to find viable solutions.

Joyce, US

How do I impact climate solutions for our planet? By creating actions that lead to winning business results.

I am very passionate about finding climate solutions for our planet—we all play a role in protecting the environment. In Canada, HP is one of the most sustainable technology companies, and my job is to change the way our customers buy our products. By leveraging our partnerships and teams across businesses, we’re making an impact, educating, and emphasizing the need for focus and action. Together, we’ll develop better ways to create a successful circular economy.

Frances, Canada

How did I contribute to the economic future of Ecuador? By rolling up my sleeves and being part of the solution.

Through HP’s Time Off Community Support Grant, I had the opportunity to help rebuild an area in Ecuador through sustainable farming. I worked alongside a team from Finca Mono Verde—a tropical learning and experimentation farm—building greywater filtration systems, creating organic pest traps made from single-use plastic bottles, and helping coffee farmers harvest more sustainably. But one of the most important services I provided was helping with grant writing, which will help strengthen the economic future for this part of Ecuador and its people.

Erin, US

That’s what it’s like to be part of HP.

Learn more about what we are doing for the planet, its people, and our communities in the 2018 Sustainable Impact Report.

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