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HP Interns talk about life at HP

HP Interns talk about life at HP

Every year we welcome hundreds of interns across the globe. At HP, interns are our future leaders. In fact, our President and CEO, Enrique Lores, began his HP journey 30 years ago as an intern.

While many companies around the world canceled intern programs due to COVID-19, we knew it was important to support and provide a virtually dynamic experience for our 2020 interns. The benefit of working with a team and creating opportunities for mentorship had a lasting effect for this year’s participants.

The character of our company is what made me proud to join as an intern all those years ago and has remained a source of pride each and every day.

– Enrique Lores, HP President and CEO

Shaping leaders

Enrique started his career as an engineering intern and became the president of HP’s printing and imaging business in 2015 before being elected President and CEO by our board of directors in 2019. During his career, Enrique has played a major role in some of the key inflection points in our history and has touched nearly every business unit within our company.

Just like Enrique, all HP interns are encouraged to set long-term goals and are given opportunities to develop their skills and solve real-life challenges—discovering their potential to lead a company if they work hard and learn the business.

Read the stories of summer interns who had unforgettable experiences and broadened their perspectives during their time here.

What did I love the most about my HP experience? The intersection between innovation and purpose.

This summer, I had the opportunity to work with some of HP’s most innovative technologies to optimize the production of essential protective equipment donated to medical centers across the US. Together with a team of diverse and talented colleagues, we were able to showcase the power, applicability, and sustainability of HP’s 3D printing technologies.

As Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, the founders of HP, have articulately stated, “A company that focuses solely on profits ultimately betrays both itself and society.”

In this time of uncertainty, I felt very honored to be part of a company that prioritizes serving our communities and works to meet its goal of mobilizing technology, experience, and production capacity to make life better for everyone, everywhere.

Amir, Service Delivery 3D Intern, Alpharetta, US

What makes me proud about diversity and inclusion at HP? We walk the talk.

During my experience as an intern, I felt seen and appreciated as an LGBTQ+ person. I was also encouraged to understand equality through an intersectional lens that lifts each one of us up and to find new ways of thinking about and facing problems. 

What really stood out for me was HP speaking up for what is right and acting accordingly.

When I began my internship, HP had filed an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court asking them to side in favor of LGBTQ+ worker anti-discrimination laws. More recently, its support and actions towards the Black Lives Matter movement have inspired me to always stand up and to leverage my privilege while sharing my experiences as a marginalized person.

Micaela,  Future Product Marketing Manager, Idaho, US.

What do I value the most about HP’s culture? Its open-door policy.

At the beginning of my internship, I was anxious to know what it would be like in an entirely virtual environment, but everyone’s support, openness, and welcoming spirit immediately helped me feel more comfortable.

HP’s open-door policy enables every employee to interact with people across different organizations, businesses, and levels—providing new experiences and a better understanding of the company from the inside.

As a Supply Chain Improvement intern and a computer science student, I value the opportunity to meet people from all around the world while developing my skills and contributing to the company with new ideas for advancement.

Bruno, Supply Chain Improvement Intern, São Paulo, Brazil

How am I making a life-long impact at HP?  By using my personal experience to be an advocate for others.

As a child of immigrants, I have always been motivated to educate myself thanks to the support and encouragement of people around me.

My first goal after graduating college was to continue embracing education and stand up for others—no matter my job title or where I began my career. It is important to me that my values align with the company I join.

As an MBA HR management associate program intern, I have begun to realize my goal. I get to be both a continuous learner and an advocate.

In my role, I work with Lesley Slaton Brown, HP’s Chief Diversity Officer, on some of the most critical matters the company and the world are facing right now. This experience has taught me to remain flexible and to think about advocacy at a scale that impacts employees everywhere.

I am proud to be part of an organization that values my diverse experience and is always challenging me to bring it to life in new ways for others around the world. 

Berenice,  Human Resources Management Associate Program Intern, Texas, US

How am I part of HP’s mission of making life better for everyone, everywhere? By encouraging others in our communities to explore new paths.

As an intern for HP Labs, I have learned new ways to work and express myself by creating a powerful bond with my co-workers that leads to breakthrough innovation, nurturing a growth mindset, and enabling a great work environment.

Every day we challenge ourselves to customize our products with a lens toward sustainability that satisfies our customers’ demands and expands beyond the company into our communities.

Through volunteering opportunities with my colleagues, we shared our knowledge with young girls and women to ignite their interest in STEM. Embracing diversity is the backbone of our mission to make life better for everyone, everywhere.

Ken, Modeling and Numerical Simulation Intern, Guadalajara, Mexico

What has been the most exciting part of my internship? HP’s globally connected community.

HP has allowed me to create meaningful relationships with my colleagues across the globe. Working with a team of people from seven different countries has proven that diversity is truly embedded at every level of the company.

Being part of these workstreams promotes a culture of inclusion that enables me to bond with people from so many different backgrounds and cultures while experiencing the true meaning of teamwork every day.

Working at HP has been an amazing experience, and I am thankful for the opportunity to do my life’s best work while having fun. 

Lucas,  Customer Operations Intern, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

That’s what it’s like to be part of HP. 

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