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Get To Know The HP Way

May 13, 2019 3 mins read

Get To Know The HP Way

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard didn’t just create an audio oscillator in that Palo Alto garage more than 80 years ago. They built a way of doing business—the HP Way—which has guided us as we graduated from the garage to the globe.

The HP Way fuels how we engineer experiences that amaze, inspires us to keep reinventing, and comes to life in all the remarkable ways we work together to imagine the future and make it happen. The HP Way continues to shape how we create technology to make life better for everyone, everywhere.

Meet some of our employees who have reinvented what matters most in their careers, across the company, and for people around the world.

How did I qualify for the 2020 Olympic Trials? By being part of an extraordinary team.

With the enthusiastic backing of my office team, I’ve been able to balance the demands of my job with my rigorous training schedule. Now, I’ve earned a spot in the 2020 Olympic Trials—and my coworkers helped make that victory possible. We give each other the flexibility and support to thrive in our jobs as well as our personal lives.

Lyndy, US

What happens when I approach a boundary? I find new ways to get things done.

My managers have always encouraged me to seek out experiences that stretch my skills and broaden my knowledge—and it’s made for a rewarding life journey. Whether it’s helping colleagues navigate the world of intellectual property or searching for a lost hiker deep in the wilderness, I find devoting my service to others the most gratifying role I can have.

Bill, US

What am I doing as a managing director? Championing positive contributions.

We’ve created a culture where everyone feels comfortable bringing their whole self to work. It’s allowed me to focus and advance from sales representative to managing director without the fear of being judged or stereotyped.

Ifeyinwa, Nigeria

What happens when I’m confronted with risk? I push harder.

Diving is all about taking risks with self-assuredness and discipline. The confidence I’ve gained in the ocean gives me the confidence to take risks in the office, too. Now, I’m anticipating and driving change—and I’m helping my coworkers do the same as they find their own paths to personal growth.

Sheena, India

That’s what it’s like to be part of HP.

The journey to reinvention starts with a single step.

Let’s grow together!

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