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Being a Product Manager is like being the CEO of a product.

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Being a Product Manager is like being the CEO of a product.

“Every day feels like I’m kind of exploring new areas and pushing and challenging myself instead of feeling as though I’m working with people who are just dictating what I should be doing. It really creates this environment for thinking about new ideas and working collaboratively with other teams.”

Having the responsibility for the strategy, design, and marketing requires just the right person to drive the success of each product. Elizabeth falls right into place, as she exercises all of her many skills to make sure every detail of the project gets appropriate attention.

As an experienced Product Manager within the Customer Experience and Portfolio Strategy Organization, her focus is on defining and developing amazing customer experiences for premium consumer notebooks.

How does she pull this off?

There are many steps in the process, but it all centers around two questions: what are the key experiences she and her team want to deliver, and what story do they want to tell when launching new products.

After beginning her morning with a trip to the gym at HP’s facilities, Elizabeth spends her day talking to her team in Taipei, planning different product concepts with fellow product managers, and meeting with the marketing team to fine-tune compelling stories to tell about each product.

As a product manager, she knows the strength of her team’s culture drives their ultimate success.  Elizabeth describes HP’s culture as “highly collaborative, friendly, and open-minded.”

But culture is only one element in Elizabeth’s winning formula.  Freedom and trust are also key to her success, providing her the flexibility to explore new ways of tackling problems, and the courage and empowerment to deliver incredible results. Hear it from her in the short video below.

Being a “product CEO” has its perks.

One of the most exciting parts of Elizabeth’s day is testing out new prototypes and reviewing feedback on the products. In these moments, she transforms from “CEO” to consumer, getting a sneak peek at HP’s upcoming products and walking through the experience just as a customer would.

And thanks to Elizabeth’s hard work, that same excitement is experienced by every new HP customer.

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