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Where there’s a WILL there’s a way!

Where there’s a WILL there’s a way!

Contributed by Elizabeth Esqueda, member of the Women Impact Network, Mexico.

The Women Incubator for Learning and Leading, (WILL) is a program lead by Guadalajara’s Women Impact Network and created as the continuance of the Talent Development Program to provide the framework and tools to enhance the leadership potential of its participants.

The Objectives:

The essence of this program is based on 4 main objectives:

The comprehensive framework centers in building/attune the necessary skills for a strong Leader


  • Implement a stronger Continuity Plan based on the Talent Development Program.
  • Consolidate a female community with all the characteristics that a leader should have.
  • Ensure soft skills management are improved working through the practice.
  • Spread knowledge and creating experiences through a lean in methodology



The Sponsors

Flor Lopez, Infrastructure Services Performance Management, and Maly Monteon, Director of Customer Care Ops, are the sponsors of this great initiative, providing their full support ensuring a safe environment for the participants to focus on their development and embrace the challenges as opportunities.

Their commitment and willingness to promote these forums has been key to achieve the results of the program.

The Results

Launched in January 2018 and finishing on May 28, WILL gathered the following events and deliverables

For FY18, the program accepted 20 female HP employees of several areas of HP Mexico who committed to a 4-month plan completing various activities such as face-to-face and online leadership training, mentoring sessions, growth through “Lean-in Circles” philosophy.

Aiming to empower the leader within themselves and boost their talent to the next level in their career journey

Mentoring Sessions

The close follow-up of the Mentors, great women, and men with vast experience in Leadership, was crucial for the success of the participants to accomplish their objectives.



HP Women’s Impact Network Mexico

Projects and Social Participations 

The participants used the skills, tools and the Lean-In group’s philosophy to grow together and support each in their careers.

All this acquire knowledge enable each participant to take over necessities within their areas/processes and turned them into a project win.

This practice for sure will continue to be a virtuous circle among the participants.

The first generation of WILL graduates completed this program, investing time and effort to gain new learning experience to complement their professional roles.

The celebration of this amazing milestone took place on July 13th, sharing experiences of participants, mentors, and speakers.

Congratulations on this great achievement, we look forward to seeing you succeed even more!

Learn more about how we’re creating a culture that supports and inspires women to belong, grow and innovate at our Diversity and Inclusion site.

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