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The best part of my job stems from the unknown

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The best part of my job stems from the unknown

Ever wish you had a job that gives you the opportunity to learn or experience something new every day about your work, your company, or even about yourself?

This is exactly what excites Shandra Scott about her job at HP, where she serves as Chief of Staff to the Chief HR Officer, Tracy Keogh, supporting and executing her global vision for human resources.

Even though her routine has her arriving to the office before 7 am to get a head start on the emails that fill her inbox, Shandra’s job is never repetitive or mundane. The best part of her job stems from the unknown: the excitement of anticipating what new skill, adventure, or lesson she’ll encounter each day.

And she makes sure to get her daily dose of excitement, challenging herself to always be innovative, working closely with the HR executives and department heads, and determining events and initiatives to bring the HR strategy and goals to life and deliver solutions that amaze.

But some of Shandra’s greatest accomplishments at HP came when the company split into two separate organizations, and when she worked to incorporate over 160 employees after their company was acquired by HP.  The leadership she exhibited in those projects helped make a name for Shandra among HR leaders. Hear this story directly from her in the video below.

Not only did she managed the transition with proficiency, but the impact of her work extended even further, as the processes she established during those transitions became the template for all future acquisitions throughout the global organization.

Shandra has a penchant for leading by example and instinctive facilitating skills, she’s always looking forward to prepare and provide all the tools that everyone needs to bring their best selves to work and to do their very best work for HP, just like she does.

With Shandra’s enthusiasm for daily learning and her natural leadership abilities, HP’s global HR organization gets stronger and better with each new adventure she comes across.

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