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Start2Grow’s Judit Torok: “Dare to shape your own career path”

Start2Grow’s Judit Torok: “Dare to shape your own career path”

Judit obtained a Master’s degree in Marketing and aspired to a bright future in a multinational graduate program in the field of Sales and Marketing. Throughout her studies, she worked in the automotive and aviation industries which were a solid basis for her HP experience. Judit started her career as a Start2Grow Graduate in Budapest (Hungary) in fall 2017.

What do you do at HP?


I’m a Junior Proximity Sales Manager, supporting the work of the Channel team.

I still remember when I first heard the following statement during the job interview: “HP Inc. combines the heart and energy of a start-up with the scale and power of a Fortune 100 multinational corporation.” At first, I thought this sounds wonderful but probably too good to be true.

However, I must admit Start2Grow has far exceeded my expectations. There are two interrelated reasons why being at HP is so impactful on one’s personal and professional growth:

  • An accelerated learning journey, accompanied by a custom career path. You shape your own learning here.
  • A collaborative and supportive work environment.

What’s the best part of being a Start2Grow graduate at HP?

It’s the real responsibility you receive to tailor-make an exciting career journey for yourself.

Getting in-depth, direct insights into the business, markets, and different stakeholders through your day-to-day activities is a fantastic way to kick-start your career.

I also enjoy that my opinion is always respected. I feel comfortable sharing ideas with the team especially when it comes to projects of high strategic importance. I feel that the career path I stepped into 9 months ago is the one I’ve always wanted. It really aligns with my long-term career aspirations.

The icing on the cake – I’ve made real friends in such short time.

If you asked how I feel about Start2Grow, I would reply: “I am grateful, and I’m in my place.”

What does a day in the life of a Start2Grow Sales Graduate look like?

An “Accelerated Development Program” – a key Start2Grow characteristic that describes my each and every day.

To aid my professional development, I get immense support from both the international Start2Grow project team and the local office in Budapest.

As a Proximity Sales Manager, my goal is to optimize the operations of Hungarian small businesses network. My top 3 responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain relationships with our partner network by leveraging the HP product portfolio
  • Cooperate with distributors to strengthen our relationships, jointly organize events, training sessions, and promotional activities
  • Drive marketing communications for new small business

What is your favorite element of the Start2Grow curriculum?

The fact that it’s not just me who is engaged in achieving my professional goals and enhancing my skillset. I also have a ’buddy’.

I consider myself lucky because my buddy is responsible for a senior colleague’s professional development, too. This senior colleague is an experienced mentor who participates in a Senior Mentoring Program outside the scope of Start2Grow.

My buddy helped link the two mentorship programs. The goal is to exchange knowledge with people who have various backgrounds and years of experience, thus helping me to openly communicate and grow further.

Consequently, I have an ’extra’ buddy who helps me grow and whom I can turn to with any question at any time.

It is exciting that everyone is willing to learn and loves to share the learning with the broader HP community.

Such open and flexible culture creates equality among colleagues which is inspirational and truly enjoyable! Thus, I already grew by learning we should strive to grow together.

The Start2Grow curriculum also includes job shadowing i.e an opportunity to understand other career paths through following and observing the work of a colleague on a quarterly basis. We then deep dive into the secrets of different departments.

What’s been your greatest challenge at work so far?

In my current position, I face professional challenges which continuously improve my skillset and I can constantly learn. I really enjoy it!

You inevitably come across operational setbacks but this is also the opportunity to take advantage of all available support.

The most challenging tasks involve high-level strategic thinking and add pressure to your daily life but they also teach you to raise your voice, network with subject matter experts and collaborate to overcome any issue that may arise.

Overall, every day is a challenge but thanks to the supportive atmosphere, there is a reason to celebrate success every day as well.

What is your advice to future applicants?



I encourage all graduates to trust their gut about their first job. If there’s an inner voice telling you it’s time for a challenge, development of crucial skills, and a series of open doors, the Start2Grow Graduate Program is definitely where you belong.

If you’re ready to take on the biggest career challenge in your life, apply to Start2Grow now and build your story with us today!




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