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A sneak peek into our Internship Program!

A sneak peek into our Internship Program!

We know, we know. We talk A LOT about our interns and you’ve probably read Kyle’s words on “The power of appreciation” or Judith’s input on how she’s building her career path.

But to be fair, who wouldn’t want to continuously talk about them?

We happen to have some of the coolest, most hard-working, skillful and independent interns from all levels and organizations within HP. Our interns are working on amazing projects while building their career paths throughout their time in HP’s Internship program.

And if you don’t believe our word, you can definitely take their’s:


Dáina Cristina Silva

Category Intern, HP Brasil.

  • Tell us in a few sentences what is your favorite thing about working at HP?

Working with a company that is building the future is what motivates me to work here.

Technology is the future and HP is constantly reinventing itself every day to adapt to new technologies and create them.

Working at HP contributes in a variety of ways to my career: besides being a company prepared for new challenges, I have an extremely capable and totally open team to share their experiences and knowledge with me.

In addition, having a mentor prepared, experienced and with a deep sense of leadership pushes my career forward and allows me to absorb the maximum of knowledge.

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Adit Kansara

Robotics Process Automation Developer Intern in Finance Innovation Office, HP Palo Alto.

  • What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on throughout your internship at HP?  

As a part of this role, I was a part of Robotic Automation Development for Foreign Language Translation.

Unlike other internships where we don’t get hands-on experience with the skills we have, at HP I was leading the project with my partner Rebecca Molnar and were expected to drive through the project by ourselves.

We had a great experience and were able to understand the complete life cycle of the project starting from analyzing the requirements for moving the Robot to production.

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Alejandro Andrés Narbona Yúsari

Consumer Sales Intern, HP Chile.

  • What are the 3 most exciting things you’ve learned during your internship at HP?
  1. One of the most potent signs provided to me by HP has been by far ‘empowerment’ on my daily tasks. This allows me to create and project very meaningful strategies, where flexibility becomes the main objective.
  2. The multiple connections with offices around the world become essential when you pursue a good quality job. You don’t only work with your local team; you also learn from working with an entire culture and set of professionals from different countries worldwide.
  3. Adopting the HP culture and internalize it has been a very productive way of doing things, inside of the office as well as in your daily and personal life. This merger is just awesome. Keep reinventing.

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Stephen Bang

Consumer Sales Business Analyst Intern, HP Canada.

  • How is your HP internship contributing to your career path?

HP is constantly challenging me, both technically and qualitatively.

By working on a team with many managers, I am able to continually develop how to effectively communicate, juggle competing deadlines, be efficient with my time and optimize my technical abilities.

For example, I’m currently taking a class offered for free on HP’s internal portal to learn how to use SQL, and automate reporting.

By challenging me every day, and giving me the resources and support to develop myself as a well-rounded professional, HP is allowing me to be the best version of myself.

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Ray Ji

Commercial & Consumer Business Analyst Intern, HP Canada.

      • What excites you the most about HP’s future?

      I’d love to see how HP can adapt to today’s constantly changing tech market by inventing more creative products. And I’m also really positive on HP’s device-as-a-service strategy for its PC & print market.

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Just like them, start building the foundation of your career story, while still pursuing your academic degree.

Start here, grow here, apply today!

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Contributed by Adrienne Massie, Employee Engagement Management for HP Americas.

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