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HP People Talk About: Innovation

HP People Talk About: Innovation

At HP, innovation is in our DNA—it defines who we are. Our founders, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, embodied that spirit and believed that innovation could—and should—come from everywhere in the company. That same spirit of innovation is alive today, and it’s fueling amazing work from every part of HP.

Learn how HP employees are thriving by helping to reinvent the world for tomorrow.

What have I learned as a gamer? How to find strategies for success.

You might be surprised by how much gaming helps me as a software engineer. Gamers know how to use bugs to their advantage. That’s why I vigilantly seek out every bug and eliminate it from our code—providing the best possible security for our products.

David, Spain

How am I pursuing breakthrough innovation? By allowing myself to fail.

Do I fail while trying to innovate? Yes, fast and often. But that’s the key to finding new solutions and better ways to get things done. As the leader of Minnerva, HP’s innovation lab in Costa Rica, I take risks and allow myself to make mistakes. I’ve learned to trust my intuition and to be bold in pushing for the most innovative results.

Maria Elena, Costa Rica

How do I contribute to the Fourth Industrial Revolution? By exploring science and sharing my ideas.

My job is to investigate the physics of 3D printing for HP Labs, and I apply this research to get the best results for HP’s 3D-printed parts. For women in science, HP Labs is the best place to work. I am empowered by my team and management to explore science, further my career, nurture my family, and advocate for social changes that I believe in.

Faby, Mexico

How do I shape tomorrow’s technology? By breaking it first.

My job is literally to crack, crush, and otherwise destroy our products. Why? Because from there, we make them even better. It’s this constant drive for improvement that fuels me, both in and out of work. From woodworking to fire breathing, I’m always taking on new personal challenges—and I bring this spirit to HP as I test our products the same way I test myself.

Guillermo, US

That’s what it’s like to be part of HP.

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