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HP People talk about creating a Sustainable Impact

HP People talk about creating a Sustainable Impact

At HP, how we do things is just as important as what we do. Sustainable impact is our commitment to creating positive, lasting change for the planet, its people, and our communities.

Since announcing our 2019 Sustainable Impact Report and the inaugural Human Rights Progress Report in June, we continue to prioritize a variety of exciting sustainability initiatives.

These reports show how we are transforming our business to drive a more efficient, circular, and low-carbon economy, with human rights at the core of our company. Our goal is to create an environment where all people who help bring our products to market thrive and have a sense of belonging through our diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Read the stories of HP employees who embrace sustainability and embed these principles into their roles to bring our mission to life.

What am I doing to drive sustainable impact in my country? Embracing my roots and fueling my purpose.

Brazil, my native country, is rich in both natural and social capital. At the same time, it is deeply rooted in racism, inequality, and poverty. These contradictions have shaped my life’s purpose from a very young age. Joining HP has enabled me to reconcile these differences while encouraging me to seek solutions to everyday problems.

Five years ago, I started observing local waste pickers. I wanted to understand the importance of their work and daily struggles. This led me to develop a groundbreaking project that has helped over 300 workers by formally integrating them into HP’s recycling programs.

Witnessing our deep commitment to the way we do business and design our products continues to fuel my passion for sustainable impact and pushes me to boldly cross boundaries to continue innovating every day.

Paloma, LATAM Supplies Sustainability Program Manager, Brazil & Argentina

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How am I driving sustainability? By bringing diversity and inclusion to the table.

At HP, sustainability drives innovation, and we operate by the belief that diversity and inclusion fuels that innovation.

Being inclusive requires one to have a level of competency and acceptance that is without borders. There must be a willingness to explore new cultures, highlight—and celebrate—what makes us unique, embrace opportunities to learn, and empower communities to explore right where they are.

There is no secret sauce, but there is a conscious decision that a person or a company must be willing to make.

Tiffany, Diversity Program Manager, Palo Alto, US

How did COVID-19 impact my life in a positive way? By giving me the opportunity to serve others.

Before COVID-19, I never had the chance to volunteer. During the quarantine, I learned about the HP LIFE courses—a global online program providing free business and IT skills to people around the world.

Enrolling in this unique virtual experience gave me the opportunity to invest and dedicate my time and expertise to serve others. I’m helping my community learn and expand their knowledge while gaining a sense of purpose and belonging.

Getting involved with this program made me realize that making a sustainable impact is the sum of individual actions, and we are all able to contribute and support our communities if we have the willingness and the means to do so. I’m thankful to work for a company that provides the tools and resources for me to continue to positively influence my organization and society.

Angel, Access PPS Frontline Team, Heredia, Costa Rica

How am I turning my childhood dreams into a reality? By leading initiatives that make life better for everyone, everywhere.

As a child, I wanted to save oceans with Commandant Jacques Cousteau. My lifelong passion for the environment led me to join HP in 2004 as the French Sustainability Country Manager.

Through my current role as the Sustainability Program Manager for European markets, I am helping to integrate sustainable initiatives in all of HP’s sales processes.

I am also leading a multi-stakeholder commission within HP’s National Trade Association, where I continually speak up to address compliance issues with different authorities on behalf of the technology industry and look for new ways to help create solutions for our clients, our company, and people everywhere.

Catherine, Sustainable Impact Program Manager EMEA markets, Meudon, France

How am I helping create more sustainable products? Through empathy and connection.

I have always had a passion for technology and a deep curiosity for human behavior. My firsthand interaction with end users and customers has allowed me to learn about the little hacks people use to get work done and to think of empathetic solutions for their daily issues.

As technology evolves, we must keep reinventing our products to address our customers’ pain points through amazing, innovative, and sustainable solutions. One great example is the recently launched “HP Eye Ease” display, an always-on, low blue light function that potentially helps users sleep better, and that has made the entire industry pivot in this direction.

I want to make the world a better place for future generations, my 10-month-old son included. My commitment to help transition our portfolio to green sustainable sources and recycled packaging by 2025 is a small step to making the world a better place. I want him to have one less thing to worry about in his lifetime, as well as to be proud of the work his father did to make a difference. 

Aaron, Director Commercial Displays Personal Systems Displays and Accessories, Houston, US

That’s what it’s like to be part of HP. 

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