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HP employees Power their PRIDE

HP employees Power their PRIDE

This year’s HP Global Pride Month theme is Power Your Pride. Meaning, our voices give us power, and when we speak up about LGBTQ+ equality, we actively participate in creating change for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Whether you’re part of the community or consider yourself an ally, we all have the power to build a better world.

Power your PRIDE in June and all year round!

In a powerful message to HP employees, Lesley Slaton Brown, HP Chief Diversity Officer, Annette Friskopp, Global Pride Co-Executive Sponsor, and Mike Boyle, Global Pride Co-Executive Sponsor, encouraged everyone at HP to power their pride—actively participating in creating change for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Pride is the ultimate celebration of togetherness. Even if we can’t be together in person this year, we can still celebrate all that makes the LGBTQ+ community beautiful, resilient, and rich with diversity. Everybody in!

Lesley, Annette, and Mike.

What does ‘Power your PRIDE’ mean to you?

We asked HP employees to share their thoughts on this year’s Pride Month theme and what it means to them to empower the LGBTQ+ community:

I am a bisexual, in a lesbian relationship, who identifies as gender nonconforming and is an ally to all.

I think Power Your Pride means that it is my job to be the voice, to share the stories, to answer the questions, and to bring awareness to the many different gender identities, sexual orientations, and allies that make up the LGBTQ+ community.

Nicole, Inside Account Manager, US

As a pansexual, panromantic, nonbinary, and sociologist, Power Your Pride is the driving force that I use to share the knowledge that I keep building, with my peers and the community.

Seeking a workplace and a society that respects all people in all groups, within and beyond the LGBTQ+ community.

Elliot, Sales Compensation and Experience, Mexico

Being a nonbinary person in a place of privilege, Power Your Pride means to me that I need to open up and share my story with everyone in every opportunity that I have, to be an example for those who didn’t have the same privileges that I had growing up and to show that everyone should be who they are, love who they love, and express themselves in a way that brings them joy.

We’re here, we’re queer, we’re proud, and we are powerful.

Pedro, Software Research and Development, Brazil

I’m a cis-gendered person in a world that was built for people Just. Like. Me.

Powering Your Pride means recognizing all the ways I’m privileged in each interaction with a fellow human.

It means continually calling out homophobia, transphobia, and bigotry when and wherever I see it and teaching my kids to do the same. And when I fail to see it (there are those privilege blinders again), it means cultivating my own self-awareness so that I can listen, learn, make amends, and do better.

Sarah, Deputy Editor at The Garage by HP, Corporate Affairs, US

I think Power Your Pride means bringing out your inner courage to take a step into the lifelong journey as an ally and being intentionally conscious of many unconscious biases around the LGBTQ+ community and consistently challenging those biases upfront.

Soohee, Director, Product Integration, Korea

To me, Power Your Pride means bringing awareness to the challenges and discrimination LGBTQ+ people often experience and being an active ally for other members of the LGBTQ+ community by speaking up around different issues to bring meaningful change.

Jack, Partner Business Manager, UK

As a nonbinary person, I think Power Your Pride is important as both an individual and a society. It’s about constantly pushing forward to tackle the work ahead toward a more equitable future, using our past to propel and inspire us. Pride is never static, so our understanding shouldn’t be either—let’s continue listening, learning, and putting those growth mindsets to work.

Taylor, Research and Development/Process Engineer, US

For me, Power Your Pride means the responsibility to leave the world better than I found it. I have the obligation to use my privilege to fight for other’s rights.

Leo, Electrical/Hardware Engineer PageWide Press, US

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Contributed by Nicole Dunn, Inside Account Manager, Rio Rancho, US.

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