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As a working mom, Adrienne Massie, Employee Engagement Management for HP Americas, is constantly finding ways to connect and balance her personal and professional life. THE PLAYGROUND: THE PERFECT ARENA FOR TESTING BOUNDARIES My biggest instinct as a mom is to protect

Life is an incredible journey. Every day is a beautiful gift and an opportunity make a positive difference. I learned this at an early age watching how hard my mom, Sharon, worked to make sure we had the best life

Ever wish you had a job that gives you the opportunity to learn or experience something new every day about your work, your company, or even about yourself? This is exactly what excites Shandra Scott about her job at HP, where

“Every day feels like I’m kind of exploring new areas and pushing and challenging myself instead of feeling as though I’m working with people who are just dictating what I should be doing. It really creates this environment for thinking

She checks the balance sheets. She makes pasta. She even remembers to feed the dog. HP was named a Top 100 company in the US for working moms by Working Mother Magazine for the 27th year in a row. As part