With only 24-years old, Alex Ju is already an engineer creating breakthrough technology that amazes. The combination of her background in art, jewelry, and human experience with her technical knowledge of materials and digital fabrication are allowing her to explore different uses for 3D at HP.

This is her story.

If you haven’t seen our Career Vlog, the name ‘Ann Hsieh’ might not ring any bells, but we can assure you, this 24-year-old amateur YouTuber and Mechanical Cost Engineer from HP Taipei, will stick in your mind after you get to know her better.

Being our vlog rockstar and a giving advise to her YouTube subscribers on how to celebrate New Year’s Eve alone or how to politely avoid talking to people you don’t like, it’s far from what she thought she’d be doing when she was studying mechanical engineering at a vocational high school in Taipei.